The Movabilities™ Method:

Keep your body mobile and joints healthy to continue living an active life! Movabilities™ methods complement the sports and recreational activities you do by emphasizing: 


  • Exercises which build balance and coordination in practical, and impractical, scenarios

  • Challenge your stability in static positions and through movement

  • Active flexibility in common and uncommon ranges of motion


  • Whole body exercises with clear applicability to daily tasks, athletics, and recreation

  • Fun, engaging sessions which incorporate both practice and play

  • Grow both physically and mentally through challenges and games


  • Joint preparation to bring comfort and safety to even the most intense physical activities

  • Well rounded routines meant to address strength imbalances

  • Strength in the full range of motion of your joints

Experience the method yourself

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"I strive to be athletically capable, forever."

Building and maintaining confidence in my physicality drove me to gain knowledge in fitness. No matter the activity, be it pickup basketball or a week-long rafting trip, my body will always be physically ready for fun. 

My main hobbies are skiing and parkour, both of which are quite strenuous on my legs. Witnessing firsthand the unwilling retirement from these demanding activities by both friends and family due to injury or the fear of it, I sought movement practices to promote longevity.

Through a varied background of competitive team sports, recreational activities, movement culture practices, and extreme action sports, I have accrued decades of experience in all types of athletics. And from my ACE Certified Personal Trainer Certification and six years of experiencing coaching parkour with APEX Movement Denver, I have gained aptitude in programming and coaching for a wide variety of people. The culmination of my knowledge is the Movabilities methodology, a movement practice taking the most beneficial exercises and patterns from these decades of practice and study to create specified exercise routines to promote physical integrity, ability, and longevity. 


  • 2012-2018 - ParkourEDU Certified Parkour Coach for APEX Movement Denver
  • 2016-2017 - Studied Modern Methods of Mobility under Emmet Louis and the Silver Leap Project
  • 2017 - Invited to study the Fighting Monkey Practice at a private training event
  • 2017 - ACE Certified Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise
  • 2017 - Learned holistic fitness practices at Return to the Source retreat with Evolve Move Play
  • 2017 - Tested the American Ninja Warrior Denver qualifier course
  • 2015-2016 - Online training under the Ido Portal Method 
  • 2013 - Competed in the American Ninja Warrior Denver qualifiers

At Home

Have a workout room, garage gym, or backyard? Then you can schedule personal training sessions to be in the comfort of your own home. Charles will arrive, along with any equipment you are lacking.

At the Gym

Want a plethora of exercise equipment at your disposal at no extra cost? Charles has partnered with both APEX Movement Denver & ProjectMOVE to provide you with a wide variety of amenities including free weights, bar structures, exercise bands, and more to take your athleticism to the next level.


Movabilities has park permits for both Washington Park and Wallace Park in Denver, and depending on your city’s permitting laws, even your local park can be used for personal and small group training.